About our Vessels – Enchantress & My Girl


Enchantress: A Stalwart of the Seas

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the MV Enchantress, a vessel with a storied past. Built in Canada in 1943 for the Royal Navy, the Enchantress has been a steadfast presence in the waters around Weymouth and Portland. Originally designed with a reinforced hull for handling cables and chains, she played a crucial role in World War II, deploying barrage balloons to protect Portland Harbour and ferrying troops and equipment. Today, the Enchantress carries her historical legacy with pride, offering guests a unique connection to the maritime heritage of Dorset.

My Girl

My Girl: A Journey Through Time

Step aboard My Girl, a vessel steeped in nostalgia and charm. Constructed in 1931 at the Mitchell brothers’ yard in Mevagissey, she was initially a pleasure boat, gliding gracefully along Plymouth’s historic shores, carrying passengers to idyllic destinations like Bovisand and Cawsand. My Girl’s early days were filled with music, laughter, and the joy of holidaymakers.

However, with the onset of World War II in August 1939, My Girl’s journey took a dramatic turn. Requisitioned for war efforts, she and her devoted owners, the Hill family, became an integral part of the operations in Weymouth and Portland Harbour. Bravely transporting up to a hundred men, ammunition, and supplies under challenging conditions, My Girl proved her mettle time and again. The Hill brothers, Ron and Bert, endured hardships, braved the elements, and even personal injury, with Bert tragically losing a leg during their service.

Despite these challenges, My Girl’s spirit remained unbroken. She played a vital role in ferrying American pilots, carrying entertainment troops to the forts, and even towing radio-controlled boats. Ron Hill’s resilience and dedication were mirrored in My Girl’s steadfast service, a legacy that continued even as he met and married his wife, Dolores, during these tumultuous times.

Embark on a Voyage with History

Today, the MV Enchantress and My Girl are not just vessels; they are living pieces of history. Each cruise offers a unique opportunity to travel back in time and experience the rich maritime legacy of Dorset. Join us on these historic vessels for an unforgettable journey through the annals of time.

Coastline Cruises: My Girl and Enchantress