Discover Dorset’s Dolphins

Experience the Wonder of Dolphin Watching on Your Cruise

Join us on a Coastline Cruises journey and seize the chance to witness the majestic world of dolphins along Dorset’s coast. With around twenty-eight species of cetaceans, including whales, dolphins, and porpoises, gracing the UK coastline, Dorset’s waters offer a unique opportunity for an unforgettable marine encounter.

Meet Dorset's Frequent Visitors: The Bottlenose Dolphins

The robust and playful bottlenose dolphins are a common sight in Dorset. These sociable creatures are often spotted inshore, making them a delightful highlight for both sea voyagers and land spectators. As you cruise along the picturesque coast, keep your eyes peeled for these fascinating mammals, known for their friendly demeanour and acrobatic displays.

Discover England's Only Resident Pod

Did you know that England’s only resident pod of bottlenose dolphins resides along the South Coast? This group, consisting of about 40 individuals, is recognised as the UK’s smallest dolphin population. Researchers, as part of the South Coast Bottlenose Dolphin Consortium, are actively studying this pod, and your cruise might just contribute to their sightings and research.

A Diversity of Marine Life in Dorset's Waters

Apart from bottlenose dolphins, Dorset’s waters are home to other species like the shy harbour porpoise, the impressive fin whale, the playful short-beaked common dolphin, the elusive white-beaked dolphins, and the distinctive Risso’s dolphin. Each cruise offers a chance to encounter these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Be Part of the Discovery

We encourage our guests to report any sightings of bottlenose dolphins to, contributing to the conservation efforts of these amazing animals. Your participation helps in understanding and protecting this vital, yet vulnerable, marine population.