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Coastline Cruises is proud to offer daily specially tailored Educational Cruises and private charters for Special Events, perfect for schools, educational institutions, and private groups looking for a unique setting.

Explore Dorset's Hidden Treasures with Us

Whether it’s exploring the rich history of the Jurassic Coast or enjoying the natural beauty of the Dorset coastline, our cruises offer an inspiring backdrop for learning and celebration. Our vessels are equipped with facilities to ensure comfort and accessibility for all guests.

Contact Our Events Team for More Information. We offer a discount on group bookings.

Ocean Cruise Ship Arrivals/Departure

Experience the awe of beholding massive cruise liners, sometimes including the celebrated Disney cruise liner, that sometimes moor along our coastline. This unique opportunity offers a close-up view of these floating marvels, a highlight for maritime enthusiasts and families alike. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for which cruise lines will be visiting and when.

Cruise liners in Portland

Weymouth Pliosaur Discovery

The pliosaur was the largest marine reptile that ever lived. This pliosaur skull dates back around 155 million years, and was discovered on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. It is one of the largest and best preserved fossils of its kind ever found.

The fossil bones of the pliosaur skull were recovered by Kevan Sheehan as they were washed out of a landslide on Weymouth Bay. Firstly, in 2003, he found three massive sections of the jaw lying at the base of the cliff. Over the next five years he returned to the site after rough weather, patiently recovering the pieces as they became exposed.

The largest piece weighed over 80 kg. Kevan missed only four pieces, three of which were recovered by two other collectors. One small piece at the back of the jaw is lost.

Our Weymouth cruise will take to the point where the pliosaur skull was found and if you are interested in seeing the actual skull, it is now resident in the Dorset Museum.

Purbeck coastline

Smugglers and Pirates

Discover more about the pirates and smugglers of the Dorset coast with Coastline Cruises. We sometimes welcome onboard the esteemed local historian Dave Allan as our special guest. Dive into a world of intrigue and adventure as Dave shares tales of the harrowing black death and the triumphant defeat of the Spanish Armada by a local hero. This cruise offers not just a journey across the water, but a voyage back in time, enriched with Dave’s captivating onboard talk. Join us for a unique exploration of history’s darker and daring sides.

Customisable & Special Events

Isle of Portland and D-Day Anniversary Cruise

Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day with our “Isle of Portland and D-Day Discovery Cruise.” This voyage includes honouring Weymouth and Portland’s pivotal roles in the historic D-Day landings. Learn about the strategic significance of these areas, serving as key departure points for Allied forces. Through expert commentary and immersive experiences, you’ll gain insight into the monumental efforts and sacrifices made, marking a turning point in World War II. Join us for a memorable journey back in time, paying tribute to the courage and resilience of those who embarked from Dorset’s shores towards liberation.