D-Day 80th Anniversary Cruise: A Journey Through History

Join Coastline Cruises on a remarkable voyage around The Isle of Portland and D-Day Discovery Cruise to uncover the pivotal role this area played in the D-Day operations during World War II. This year, as we commemorate the D-Day 80th anniversary, embark on a cruise that not only takes you through scenic views but also through the corridors of time, where the echoes of the past meet the waves of the present.

Set Sail on a Journey of Remembrance

Our Isle of Portland and D-Day Discovery Cruise is more than just a scenic trip; it’s an homage to the heroes of the past, a lesson in history, and a testament to the enduring spirit of freedom. Join us as we navigate the waters of history, honouring those who fought for the future.

The Historic Role of Weymouth and Portland

Weymouth and Portland were instrumental in the D-Day landings, serving as critical departure points for Allied forces. The area’s strategic importance was unparalleled, providing a gateway for troops heading to Normandy’s beaches. This cruise offers a unique perspective on the monumental efforts that shaped the course of history.

D-Day embarkation 1944
D-Day anniversary


Built in Canada in 1943 for the Royal Navy, the Enchantress has been a steadfast presence in the waters around Weymouth and Portland. Originally designed with a reinforced hull for handling cables and chains, she played a crucial role in World War II, deploying barrage balloons to protect Portland Harbour and ferrying troops and equipment. Today, the Enchantress carries her historical legacy with pride, offering guests a unique connection to the maritime heritage of Dorset.

My Girl:

My Girl was built in Mevagissey Cornwall in 1931 as a pleasure boat; She was named after the musical ‘Me and My Girl’. She was requisitioned by the Army for war service in 1939. She faithfully served Weymouth and Portland during the war years carrying troops, ammunition and supplies to Breakwater forts in Portland Harbour. She carried 250,000 men and covered some 20,000 sea miles.

In 1994 My Girl was presented with the Royal Artillery Pennant to honour her war service, and was represented with the Pennant in 2016. She is the only boat in the country to carry this Flag. She is also a member of the National Register of Historic Ships of the UK no 292.

Since her return to carrying passengers My Girl has featured in Many TV programmes and nostalgia articles. The book ‘Weymouth at War’ tells her story.

After an extensive restoration period between 2013-2015 My Girl has returned to her former glory and now carries Coastline Cruises’ passengers around Weymouth and Portland.

D-Day anniversary
D-Day landing

Exclusive Onshore Exploration

Enhance your experience with an optional visit to the Castletown D-Day Centre. This immersive museum captures the essence of the 1944 troop embarkations, offering a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made.